Zeaborn teams up with Mental Health Support Solutions to provide access to professional support for seafarers.

Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS)’ qualified team of psychologists professionally support and provide solutions to individuals and companies. 

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A pool of more than 3,500 seafarers are working for Zeaborn Ship Management. They are our frontline workers, the most important pillar of our business.

Their health and wellbeing are vital to us. We therefore have taken a holistic approach to raising awareness on the importance of mental health, balancing healthy diet and nutrition, and exercise.

Life at sea, but especially the circumstances our seafarers have been and are still facing during the pandemic have increased the focus on mental health. Our employees are spending long periods away from their families, the working environment is becoming more complex, regulated and challenging. All this has an impact on our people, their behavior and wellbeing and sometimes help and support is needed. 

To provide access to professional support Zeaborn has partnered with Mental Health Support Solutions (MHSS). 

  • A 24/7 Helpline provides confidential and professional psychological support via a freephone number, email, text, or phone, onboard and ashore
  • Through staff trainings and seminars, the understanding of mental hygiene is deepened especially enabling leadership teams to detect potential problems at early stages.
  • Psychological first aid training is provided in order to prevent crises or emergencies on board.

A team of qualified psychologists, proficient in more than 15 languages  with vast experience in the maritime industry is available 24/7 to look after our people. The objective is to create an understanding and self-management of mental health in self and others and also enhance resilience in the day to day life.

“It is ok not to be ok and it is ok to ask for support.”


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