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At Zeaborn Ship Management, our employees are the backbone of the company. Beyond contributing their professional skills, they do their jobs with joy and passion, driving the success of our company. They excel in a wide range of fields of expertise. Get to know some of them.




In my function as chief engineer, I am in charge of the engine room and the entire engine crew. Keeping the master continuously informed about engine operation, crewing subjects and all kinds of deficiencies or irregularities is part of my work. If required I report to Zeaborn Ship Management directly.


The vessel consistently has to be in a highly reliable technical condition. At the same time, I ensure compliance with relevant national and international regulations concerning the environment as well as occupational and ship safety. 

The overall condition, maintenance, and repair of all engine machinery and equipment on board the vessel minimizing the risk of downtime and delays on sea passages and during cargo operations also belong to my area of responsibility. I have to oversee the economical and efficient operation of the engine and ensure that the crew members observe all safety and working standards.

In 2005, I started working as an engine cadet. My career developed constantly from there and I became a fourth, third, and second engineer before being promoted to chief engineer in 2015. The challenge about this position is to be a manager and technician at the same time. My personal priority is to treat my colleagues respectfully.

ZEABORN Ship Management places great emphasis on safety, which is of great value. Communication and cooperation between ship and shore are excellent. This assures professional work and is of great significance to me. 

What I particularly enjoy about my work is that all people on board are one family. We must look out for each other, or more precisely, take responsibility for one another. The key to a good working atmosphere is communication and respect-oriented cooperation among all colleagues. “Walk slow, think fast” is my guiding principle. I am convinced that you must stay calm in critical situations to find the right solution quickly.



As Second Officer I have two important functions on board. The first one is my duty as a watch officer and the second one is my role as navigating officer. That means I take part in planning the rout from one destination to another, thereyby assuring the vessel’s safety and efficiency in accordance with our internal Safety Management System as well as the compliance with any national, international and maritime law and regulation with regard to navigation.


I am also in charge of keeping all navigational and communication equipment in good working condition by performing scheduled tests. Whereas any malfunction of this equipment has to be reported directly to the master without any delay, in order to be rectified by procedures immediately. Apart from this, I also keep the Electronic Navigational Charts (ENC’s) and relevant publications up-to-date to ensure their compliance with relevant authorities.

I very much appreciate Zeaborn Ship Management’s Safety Management System and how it was implemented. It is very useful in our everyday life at sea and keeps the seafarers informed about how to operate the vessel safely and in compliance with international regulations. As new technologies and new regulations emerge we continually strive to be up-to-date and make sure our company is one of the globally sought-after ship managers.

During port stays, I take over the role of duty officer on deck and must therefore be familiar with all cargo and ballast operations in port. Also, I make sure that reefers and dangerous goods containers are loaded as per plan and lashed accordingly.

Zeaborn Ship Management places great emphasis on safety and quality. The equipment provided on the vessels is of a high standard and thus keeps the crew well protected. Accident prevention is being taught on all vessels, giving the crew a clear awareness to act carefully at work. Furthermore, communication between ship and shore is very reliable and professional. I can always count on my colleagues in the office to give support immediately when needed. I am a very optimistic person.

Difficult situations challenge me but I believe that one can overcome all obstacles. This way of thinking enables me to finish what I started. What I enjoy while working onboard is the camaraderie. It is very important because we are a limited number of people living together in a very small and very special environment for a long time.



As Master I have overall command of the vessel, which means I am responsible for safe operation and optimal economic performance. I am accountable to the company, the owners, the charterers as well as national and international authorities. 


Safeguarding the occupational health and safety of the crew is also part of my responsibilities. I have to make sure all procedures for safe working practices and accident prevention are implemented and all national and international regulations and company policies are fully complied with and followed by the entire crew.

Today it is especially important to focus on economic vessel operation and the requirements of individual customers. My personal priorities are thoroughness, safety, and keeping the team-spirit on board alive. As new technologies emerge and new regulations are put into practice, we have to educate ourselves continually in order to comply with them.

Zeaborn Ship Management places great emphasis on customer demands and quality. I appreciate very much that I can always depend on my company and that there is a constant willingness to improve further. Communication between shore and sea is excellent. Whenever the need arises we can count on a quick response and great support. The training courses offered in fields such as bridge team management and ship handling are outstanding, and I consider them as necessary.

What I enjoy especially about my work is that I have freedom of decision-based on what is in the best interest of all parties concerned. I also really love changing to a new vessel from time to time. Meeting new people and working with a new crew is always fun and motivates me.




In the course of the merger at the beginning of 2018, I started to work at the Marine & Quality department as Vice President Projects. I am responsible for the integration process and process optimization both on the level of Marine & Quality and Project Management Office (PMO) at Zeaborn Ship Management.


On the Marine & Quality level, I primarily work on the relaunch of the Quality Management System. I coordinate projects, review the existing tools and examine how we can build up a system overall business units always keeping in mind how we define and provide sound ship management services for our customers. The projects always have two target groups: the crews on the vessels and the employees onshore. Many years of experience in all positions on board from nautical junior officer to captain and onshore as Designated Person Ashore (DPA) and PMO helps to develop an understanding for both target groups. It makes it easier to understand processes and to identify the respective needs.

In the scope of the merger, close coordination of all activities between the numerous involved stakeholders ensure that the merger activities are properly planned, specific targets are defined and continuously monitored regarding goal achievement. To establish uniform processes, keep track and adjust where necessary as well as growing together further – these are some of the main targets within the project. A big challenge for all employees is to find a balance between the daily business and the necessary integration tasks. Nevertheless, the undisturbed and smooth service for our customers must always have top priority.

What I like most about my job are the variety and high dynamics. I appreciate most about Zeaborn Ship Management that we all act in concert – we have a great team spirit. Besides that, the quality promises are kept, which justifies the company’s strong market position.

Merle Scharnberg

Merle Scharnberg


In my role as Human Resources Manager, I cover a wide range of tasks, among others I am responsible for the recruiting process of various departments. Furthermore, I carry out administrative tasks, such as the handling of contracts or certificates. I am responsible for Corporate Health Care at Zeaborn Ship Management. 


This includes the transfer of knowledge of various specific health topics to our colleagues, the management of our “Fitness first” cooperation or our “Active Lunch Break”, an offer to do some sports during lunch break.

What I especially enjoy about my work is the field of personnel development, which compromises the research for providers of seminars, on-the-job training and the organization of tailor-made programs for colleagues. What interests me most is to see how colleagues develop and to interact with different persons. 

I absolutely appreciate the NewWork-approach in our company, which compromises a flexible, mixed model of working remotely and in the office.  The traditional office is a last-century relic. The new way of working has so many positive impacts: an improved work-life-balance: less commuting and therefore more leisure time and more flexibility in general. Online meetings are focused, to the point, and save time. We also moved training and information exchanges to MS TEAMS sessions – and we are able to reach many more people, a lot quicker than before.

Our headquarters is now a modern, cleaned up, shared workplace environment with dynamic space – used one, two, three days a week to meet with colleagues, nurture the creative and innovative side of our work, using the office as a hub. We continuously work on keeping up the team spirit through various initiatives and measures.