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Podcast: Fit for 55 – is Shipping running out of time?

Industry talks on the ongoing transition to greener shipping

 |  Schwinke, Patrick  | 

Come 2023 all ships trading to, from and inside the EU will have to purchase emission allowances on their carbon emissions.

In EEX’ (European Energy Exchange) latest episode of its OTC commodities podcast our colleagues Tjard Jürgens, Patrick Schwinke and Stefan Schindler are discussing the ongoing transition to greener shipping together with EEX’ Michael Mervyn-Jones and Richard Heath to specifically examine just how ready the shipping industry is when it comes to EU ETS readiness.


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In the podcast, the panel chat on the progress made since the “Fit for 55” package was announced almost a year ago and highlight key areas which require further clarification including transparency of the political process, the importance of credible MRV data and who is ultimately responsible when it comes to paying the costs. 

Tune in and find out how ZEABORN wants to approach the topic of EU ETS.

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