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Digital potential Zeaborn Ship Management is reviewing the options of combining its wireless ship network with an innovative mobile logbook application of a start-up to simplify the work on board Besides

Zeaborn Ship Management is reviewing steps to combine two technologies for a digital logbook appli - cation. Its wireless sensor and actor network, so-called WSAN, which was tested in a pilot project on one of the vessels under management last year (see „ship & shore“ 3’17), is a crucial aspect of the endeavour.

“The Hamburg-based start-up Nautilus Log and Zeaborn Ship Management are evaluating a co-operation for enhancing the capability of the mobile application ‘Digital Logbook’ developed by NautilusLog. We are reviewing and evaluating whether our WSAN would be appropriate as enabler technology for data synchronisation and streaming of sensor data into the app,” says Thiemo Ullrich, Senior Vice President for Projects & Performance.

The idea of a digital logbook saw NautilusLog win the Hamburg Innovation Award 2018 for the best idea. The project could be a step towards digitising and automating processes on board. A mobile app simplifies the collection of data from the bridge, engine room and ship’s office for the different logbooks on board as well as in respect of performance data and event reporting. However, the data from the sensors in mobile devices can also be utilised for evaluations.

This is where the WSAN comes into play. The current tests aim to determine whether the WSAN can synchronise the logbook data of the individual mobile devices to a common state within the applications network. Furthermore, the integration of sensor data in the digital logbook app via the WSAN is being tested.

Besides putting structures into place for digital logbooks and reporting, which would considerably reduce the crew’s workload, expansion stages are conceivable in which alert functions play a role, for example a warning sent directly to the mobile devices stating that water- tight doors have not been closed or a cargo hold contains water.


NautilusLog founder Otto Klemke (r.), Moritz Klemke (c.) and Sven Hamer (l.)


A wireless network that links the intelligent sensors, at different locations on the ship, with actors. Sensors collect data and information about physical parameters. The actors process such information immediately, and react in real time to sensor values. Today, WSANs are used in the Internet of Things (IoT). Also, they support automated ap plications in industry, machine-to-machine communication (M2M), health, Smart Homes and many other areas.

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SHIP & SHORE 1'2018 New strength. Strong business: ZEABORN, the big new entity. Strong people: ways to achieve greater physical and mental power